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Help & Info about Snapchat for android

  • What is Snapchat for Android?

    Snapchat is a social media application that allows its users to send one-time, short-lived video and audio messages to friends, which are then deleted forever after being viewed once. Various filters and effects can be used to overlay videos, and users are able to draw or write onto the screen to add their own personal styles.
  • Is Snapchat for Android free?

    There's no charge for downloading the Android Snapchat application from the Google Play Store. At the time of writing, there's also no paid-for content included in the application. All of the functions and filters are free of charge, and it's possible to add hundreds of friends to the friends list without cost.
  • Does Snapchat for Android have filters?

    Just like iOS, the Android version of Snapchat supports the use of filters to overlay on videos and images. Once having taken the image, it's simply a case of swiping to the left or right, which cycles through some of the filters available for use. This includes slow-motion, fast-forward and other effects.
  • When will Snapchat for Android get rewind?

    Though the Android version of Snapchat didn't originally feature the ability to add a rewind effect to videos, it is a feature that is now supported. Many users do not realise that this effect was added in 2016 to the Android application, and can be accessed by swiping right or left from a video.
  • Why are Snapchat for Android videos blurry?

    Some users have reported inferior image quality on the Android version of Snapchat, when compared to the iOS version of the app. This is not due to camera hardware, as the same effect can even be seen when comparing brand new Android phones with older Apple handsets. It is in fact down to the way the application has been coded.
  • How to save from Snapchat for Android?

    After taking a video or image on the Android version of the Snapchat application, there's an option in the lower-left of the screen that allows it to be saved to the phone or tablet's gallery. Saving other people's messages can be done via the screenshot function, though the sender of the message is notified when this action is performed.
  • Why does Snapchat for Android have more colours?

    Though the Apple application has a colour slider, making it very hard to locate a specific colour time and time again, the Android version contains a colour picker with 33 colours and translucent options. There's no solid explanation as to why the Android app has a wider variety of colours than the iPhone or iPad version.
  • How to install Snapchat for Android?

    Installing the Snapchat application on an Android tablet or smartphone is simple. Start by finding the Google Play Store application icon on an Android device. Search for 'Snapchat' in the search bar, and then tap on the 'Install' button. The application will be downloaded free of charge.
  • How to screenshot on Snapchat for Android?

    Taking a screenshot of a friend's video or image is straightforward. On receipt of a new snapchat message, and after launching the application, it's simply a case of swiping right to access the new snap, and then tapping on the snap to open it. To screenshot the display, it's normally a case of pressing the power and volume buttons simultaneously.
  • What are the permissions requested by Snapchat for Android?

    On first-time install, Android applications will routinely asks for hardware permissions on a device. As an application that uses both video and audio, the Android Snapchat app will request both microphone and camera permissions when installed. However, like any good application, these permissions will be remembered even after an app update.


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